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    Jesus made His way through throngs of people surrounding Him,
    He suddenly stopped and asked, “Who’s the one who touched Me?”

    Although it seemed obvious, His disciples answered: the crowds were
    pressing upon Him. But Jesus insisted… “Someone touched Me.” He was
    certain a particular person had touched Him, because at that very moment, A
    Divine Power had gone out of Him.

    A woman stepped out of the crowd and confessed to Jesus that she had touched Him,
    and something wonderful had happened to her.

    For twelve long years she had been suffering from an uncontrollable hemorrhage, a year after
    year losing more blood. She had seen many physicians and spent all she had, but nothing helped.
    Then she heard about Jesus. Desperately making her way through the crowd, she came close to Him, believing that if she touched even the fringe of His garment, she would be healed. And when she touched Him, her flow of blood stopped. His divine power had been transfused into her. His tender loving-kindness Jesus said to her,
    “Daughter, your faith
    has healed you. Go in
    peace, and be well from
    your affliction.”

    This story in the Bible portrays
    our real condition. We’re afflicted
    with a disease that inevitably issues
    in eternal death: the inward disease of
    sin. How much suffering and damage this
    sickness has caused us! Try as we might, we
    can’t get rid of it. Just like the woman in the story,
    the many “physicians” we resort to philosophy, self-
    help programs, and other methods are ineffectual. We
    need Jesus to heal and save us.

    In order to save us, God Himself became an approachable, even
    touchable—man, Jesus Christ. Jesus came to live among those sick
    with sin. Then He, a sinless One, died on a cross for our sins. The Bible
    says that Jesus’ Redeeming Death heals us of our affliction of sin.

    Jesus also resurrected from the dead and became the life-giving Spirit to give
    us eternal life. As the Spirit, He’s available here and now, able to enter in and live
    in all who repent and believe in Him.

    But merely hearing about Jesus or being in the crowd milling around Him won’t save you.
    Like the woman, you must come to Jesus in faith, believing in all He did for you. Our sins will
    be forgiven, and He will impart His eternal life into you. You can touch Him with faith right now by
    praying this simple prayer:

    “Lord Jesus, I need You. I’m a sinner. I believe in all You did for me on the cross. Thank You for dying for me to heal me of my sins. I receive You as my Savior. Come in me and give me Your eternal life. Amen.”

    If you prayed to receive the Lord Jesus, visit this page,
    then you may order a free study New Testament there.

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