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David Buckle <>
3:07 PM (2 minutes ago)to
   __iii & iv!__
took the picture 
*John Flansberg..
the same club. me
and Dad saw Maynard Ferguson.
see, what i’m about to type
is the God Honest truth:  when
i talked to him in that doorway
of the dressing room at ROCKEFELLERS;
told him that even though i didn’t
know specific’s… THAT that when
Dave got to college, going to make
a group, may be jazz, it might have
been punk, the reggae fell in my lap
when we (me n Reid, who at the job:
throwing pizzas together was our hook)

ReidJ. was a photo mj.too; PIZZA HUT DELIVERY
was where our plan of attack came up.
see, talking to a bass. SO, we were talking
about music we heard in our old Elem./HS
years: then dave explained how there was
this VHS movie we all saw called URG – A MUSIC WAR;
it’s that VHS video where Dead Kennedys, Suzi
And The Banshees, THE GO-GOs, STEEL PULSE.
even that Klaus Nomi at the tail-end…  we were
all at Eddie’s apt. just beyond the practice field
where all of our marching rehearsals were for
four yrs.: 1985-1989. anyhoo, David prayed the
prayer that was answered exact like. knew that
since AL and laying bare breasted on the front
porch; the cool, smoothest cement it was sorta
cold even though it was in the summer month,
i asked [prayed] that that girl who lived up the
top of the street/hill would kiss me when i tried
to kiss her; BOOM she did!  woo-woo! anyways,
fast forward to 1988, Mom got one of those first
tiny computers called Macintosh. She explained
that the job she was working in Angleton, Texas
about Dad’s pacemaker company’s security head
to figure out how to work Her new toy: Tetris! she
‘n’ i were almost addicted. S0, she explained to me
that the inTRAnet that she built for INTERMEDICS,
now SULZER MEDICAL someplace Europe)was an
‘inTERnet’ for a specific company [it’s four o’clock]
she told the true tale about a computer revolution,
and how’d be The Macintosh that led that charge.

this inTERnet seemed like just the ticket for me;
seeing how i already had plans: do a band thing,
and my hopes of creating a new band; where the
message would get out of this little brain. now, of
the future band-mates i wanted to get together is
a story itself. was just a junior in HIGH School, in those boring classrooms we ended being teacher
aid’s for, there were thas mass amount of hour to
formulate the plans that would eventually fruit in
the too simple and regular way to fulfill that hope.

such hopes and dreams
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